Today we found a real bargain for you guys. Jessie instagramed a pic of herself wearing Peace Sign Hoop Earrings. You can buy them at River Island for super cheap £3.00.

So it’s time to share some Laserlight video finds.

The first outfit consists of a black sheer long sleeved crop top, a black bra, a metallic sating skirt and silver jewellery. 

Black Bra: Padded Bullet Bra from What Katie Did, buy here for £35.00

Black Crop Top [similar item]: Sheer Long Sleeve Top from Miss Selfridge, buy here for £30.00

Skirt: Metallic Satin Bodycon Skirt from Giorgio Armani

Necklaces: Fine Silver Chains from American Apparel

Earrings [similar item]: Oversized Hoop Earrings from Nordstrom, buy here for £15.96

Source: Musicfashionland

This was Jessie’s stage outfit for the Nova Red Room performance in Australia. Let’s see what we’ve got covered so far:

Leather Jacket: Spined Impact Jacket by Georgia Hardinge AW 11 Spined collection (not available online)

Fishnet Tank Top: available on ebay for ap. $20.00, it is not the exact same she is wearing but looks very similar

Earrings: Lion Door Knocker with Oversized Hoop who were initially sold by Asos but are now unfortunately sold out

We’re still looking for the studded laced plateau boots and the retro high waisted acid wash jeans.

Worn With: Mulbbery Bag and Blackmilk Swimsuit