Jessie J in the making…

Amarican ApparelKimono Robe' - available HERE for $58

Jessie wore Wide Leg Pleated Chiffon Pant in white/black stripe by American Apparel during her time in studio, in LA.

You can buy it HERE for $60.

If you remember, I’ve posted a similar pant by a shop from etsy called NIGHTWERKVINTAGE a few days ago, you can always try that one for a much cheaper alternative. (posted HERE) You’d save $38 and a get a sweet discount using the code GIMMEGIMME.

Jessie’s new video Crazy ‘Bout You brought in more fashion with brand new music!

In the video she is wearing The Disco Pant in pearl (she has it in many colours and worn them many times) and Cotton Spandex Sleeveless Crop Top in white, they are both from American Apparel.

You can buy the top HERE for $24.

And the pants HERE for $85.

Her peep-toe glitter heels are on my radar! 

Image Source: Jessie J Heaven and American Apparel

Jessie J at Gibraltar Music Festival.

American ApparelCotton Spandex High-Waist Hot Short' - available HERE for $24

Thanks j-vandalist!

Jessie J wore Unisex Recycled Cotton-Acrylic Blend Beanie by American Apparel. You can buy one HERE for $16.

P.S. The colour is a bit tricky in this case, considering the photo above her beanie is kelly green but I think that’s because of lightening. So I’d say buy the forest green.

Jessie’s look for the BBC 1 Hackey Weekend was a combination of old and new items.

She combined the worn before Motel Rocks stripes jeans and her beloved Jeffrey Campbell spiked Lita Boots with two - one black and one coral colored - American Apparel cropped top which you can buy here for £23.00.

Source: Karl Willett

Thanks killerheelsuk for correction!

Jessie was at the Disturbing London party wearing her beloved American Apparel Disco Pants comboned with buckled patent platform heels that she already wore at a Grammy Party in 2010. They are very hard to find and might not be on sale anymore but we’ll keep an eye out for them. She wore a plain black crop top as well a tropical print bomber jacket from Zara available in their online shop for£29.99.

Jessie J made an inspirational visit to Great Ormond Street Hospital, where she had spent a few months due to her irregular heartbeat as a child.

She wore Tri-Blend Short Sleeve Scrimmage Shirt in the colour evergreen by American Apparel. You can buy it HERE for $18. 

Jessie J on The Graham Norton Show.

She is wearing Disco Pants by American Apparel in caramel. You can buy it here for $82.

She is rocking Jeffrey Campbell boots as always! Hers are not available online but there are a bunch of similar ones here.

Update: Some fans apparently saw the exact same Jeffrey Campbells Jessie wore in Office stores in London for about £120.00.

Worn With: 1980s Vintage Chanel Heart Necklace

For all the people asking what kind of leggings Jessie was wearing at The Voice UK recordings, they are black American Apparel Disco Pants.

Thank you to robrobyn and the anonymous messager for helping us out with that one.

We already created a blogpost about them ages ago - click here.